"Many of us do not realise how important our birth process is to the development of our beliefs and perceptions of the world.
The time we spend in the womb sharing our mother’s experiences and emotions, 
the birth process itself and the first six years of life all go to make up the person we are today.

Modern day intervention to the natural birthing process can leave you feeling you don’t belong, having a feeling of separation from the world, abandonment or isolation issues and feelings of not being good enough or unlovable.
Adopted children or children who have spent a long time in care often have a feeling of rejection, not being good enough and have difficulties in forming lasting relationships with others.
Surprisingly, many people remember their own birth process, the feelings and being separated from mother or even the loss of a twin in the womb.
You may have experienced having a traumatic time giving birth to your own children and due to circumstances out of your control were not able to bond with your child as you should.
Maybe you have lost a child, or are unable to become pregnant or are pregnant already and are fearful of the birth process.

With Matrix Birth Reimprinting, a specially designed technique using elements of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, we can go back and release the emotions connected to these traumas and create a whole new experience and belief system.  With these gentle, yet powerful protocols, we can recreate the birth process and experience the special bonding process that is natural to every mother and child.
When we Heal our Birth, we Heal our Life." Sharon King, creator of MBR (and my teacher)


All things existential, orphic, mystical and other: 
This is the place to talk about past lives, other dimensions, planets and races. 
I have experienced journeys through my own past lives, rebirth, I have spoken with angels and dragons. I have channeled a message from Pleiades and seen my former life as a mermaid. I speak every week with my guardian angel and turn to goddess guides and spirit animals regularly. There is nothing I don't believe possible. And you are safe to share your experiences and beliefs in the space I hold. 
Far beyond my own experiences are the ones I have had the honour to share with my clients over the years. If ever I was a sceptic, which I can't remember but I'm sure I was a some point, being witness to dozens of mystical interactions and connections has solidified my utter belief in all things other. The accuracy of time and place, the names people use in session and later research and found they described exactly, the wisdom that has been passed through in session, the energy that has brightened the room, the sheer amount of serendipity, makes me a believer. 
Connecting with this side of your existence can bring such peace, clarity and comfort. Often clients say that until our sessions they had no idea who to share these very real happenings and feelings with, and even less idea that so many other people experience them too. 
You are not alone, and you are welcome.
Even if you have never stepped into this sort of questioning, 
but feel drawn to, 
we can work to find your guides, connect you to your soul family, 
your guardian angel, other planets. 
The possibilities are endless. 
Bring your dreams in to your life.

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