It seems that for all my life, even from a very young age, friends, family (and very often strangers) have found me out to ask for advice, to put my hands on a sore tummy or because they needed someone to listen. I was always happy to help and comfort and give guidance, and it helped but I never felt able to fully facilitate change until I trained to be an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, and later in Birth Reimprinting, Past Lives, Life Purpose and finally The Colour Mirrors System.

My own need brought me to these techniques and the change in my life was so extraordinary that I felt compelled to train and start to help others to find their own ways to healing, health and happiness. Hopefully one of those people will be you.

EFT,  Matrix and Colour Mirrors are the strong backbone of the work that we will do – they are the tools and the science and the magic - the life of the work is the energy that runs through us all, the connection we have between us in session - and the breath of the work comes through a mixture of intuition and allowing.

I trust my intuition and use my intuition, guidance and guides to steer the ship in our sessions - but my intention and practice is always to allow: allow for what comes up, hold space for you to do the work, for your subconscious to lead us through, to  allow for human error (yours and mine), and just to be in whatever moment we find ourselves with the work.

I will always be honest with you - and although you are responsible for yourself at all times, I am here to journey through next to you, as you safely explore the past and the patterns that have been forming your life and your path to date.

Getting to your authentic and most fulfilled self is a life long journey. Though I am closer than ever before to remembering who I truly am, to connecting and feeling joy - nonetheless, every day presents challenges, and with them the opportunities to use what I've learnt. There have been past times where I have been estranged from my self, spirituality, sexuality; friends & family; have been too scared to even speak, have been intensely triggered, wild with anger, have suffered loss and have been in deep despair; I have had dark nights of the soul; have felt disconnected from everything and acted from fear, pain and made bad decisions. And there will be times again, we are human. We are having a human experience.
In short, I understand. But it is in the getting back up where we find our spirit.

Very recently I was involved in a terrifying experience, and after we were all safe and I had come down from the huge adrenaline rush (and cried and fallen asleep and woken up and taken a three hour bath!) I looked at how far I had come. Yes, it triggered me. Yes, my anxiety went briefly off the hook. But I managed it, I reached out when before I would have hidden. I talked about it, I tapped. I used a lot of colour! And I worked through it. 

I was my own first client, facilitated by incredible teachers who guide me still, and the results were beyond anything I had expected. There have been many clients since and each has brought me a deeper understanding of our incredible power and divine nature. I have a map, not the only one out there, but a good one, to get you from where you are today to where you dream of being. I feel grateful for that in my own life, all the time. 
I am a more whole, real, joyful daughter, lover, mother, friend and person than I was, and I've only just begun. 

My real purpose in the work I offer you is to help you to freedom: To work through and release anything that no longer serves you and find the freedom to live from your true essence.

And…I give homework! But it’s really life work. And you’ll want to do it.

With warmth and here’s to your journey,
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